You can use a different bath salt each night with great results.

It is even ok to mix and match them. Feel free to make your own adjustments.

Bath salts health benefits include stimulating circulation, helping to fade bruising and minor scars, reducing the inflammation and pain of arthritis, relieving back and leg pain, and relaxing muscle spasms.

Bath salts are also wonderful for healing feet. Simply prepare a pan of warm water, and add a handful of bath salts. Soak your feet until the soreness subsides, or until the skin is softer and suppler, depending on what kind of healing your feet need.

Bath salts work great for exfoliation of the feet as well as many other areas of the body.

While bath salts may help remove excess oil and toxins from your skin, they will not dry out your skin. If your skin is already dry or cracked, or if you suffer from itching and irritation due to dryness, bath salts will help heal these problems. They are also helpful in reducing the discomfort and unsightly appearance of skin diseases such as psoriasis.