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Steps for a Two Strand Twist-

First, make sure that your hair is clean and damp. Apply a leave in conditioner to the hair. If your hair was not damp from being washed the leave in conditioner will dampen the hair enough to twist.

Use your fingers to separate the hair into the sections that are to be twisted. Do not use a comb to separate the sections. Using a comb to part the hair takes away from the natural appeal and the parts allow the scalp to be more visible.

Once you have the section in your hand to twist, separate it into two pieces, and begin to twist the two pieces around one another tightly. There is no need for a rubber band or closure at the end of the twist. The coil of natural hair will hold the twist shape.

After the entire head is twisted, either blow dry or sit under the drier. It is very important that the hair is totally dry. Apply hair oil for added softness and sheen.