The most important advice about transitioning is to have patience with yourself and your hair.

The key to transitioning is being careful at the point of new growth versus the relaxed hair. 

This area is susceptible to breakage. Minimize heat and any styling that can put stress on this area.

Keep your hair moisturized and avoid chemical products that may dry or damage your hair.

We suggest looking at our products for Relaxed to use while making the transition. 

They are rich in moisturizers that help strengthen and soften your hair while helping to prevent breakage.

Here is link to them-

Our transitioning products are still in development. We recommend the products for relaxed hair to help make the transition to natural. The relaxed hair products are very moisturizing to help prevent breakage and encourage healthy growth.

Exercise care where the relaxed and natural hairs meet. The place where the new growth meets the relaxed hair is especially fragile. Any breakage that occurs chances are high that this will be where it takes place. This is why too much heat styling and manipulation should be avoided. Instead of constantly flat ironing your new growth to match the straight texture, try wet sets and curly styles that make the relaxed hair match your new curls instead.

There may be times when it seems that your hair is simply not growing. It can be frustrating to try and deal with two different textures. Hair is probably growing an average of ½ inch per month, just like everyone else's. The curly new growth may shrink up, making it appear as if the hair isn't gaining any length.