All of our products are safe to use after using a texturizer.

Texturizers loosen curly hair without straightening it.

It helps to make the hair more manageable. A hair texturizer is chemically similar to a relaxer and contains an alkaline substance which will break some of the protein bonds in the hair. 

Texturizers are milder and are left on the hair for a shorter period of time than a relaxer. A texturizer is typically left on for up to eight minutes, a relaxer is left on up to 30 minutes. 

Unlike relaxers, a texturizer is left on without combing it through the hair. Often hair is shampooed immediately after rinsing out the stronger texturizers in order to neutralize the alkalinity of the texturizer. 

Texturizers last for up to five months, depending on the hair and the strength of the texturizer.

Our shampoos and all of our products are safe for texturized and relaxed hair. We do not offer any products that texturize, relax or straighten hair. Our relaxed hair product line was formulated for the special needs and care of texturized, relaxed or permed hair.

Our relaxed hair products can help repair and rejuvenate your hair. Our products for relaxed hair are made with moisturizers that protect your hair and scalp.

These add moisture and nourishment so that you can have smooth, silky and healthy again.

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