Split ends are evidence of hair shaft problems and frequently occur due to dry, brittle and damaged hair. Since split ends cannot be repaired, they split up the hair shaft until the strand eventually breaks off. Split ends if not taken care off will lead to hair breakage, in the extreme this can make you believe that you are experiencing hair loss.

Over-processing with chemical treatments such as permanent color, perms and relaxers or straighteners can cause damage to the hair shaft.

Hair products that contain alcohol, such as hair spray, gel and mousse, can dry out your hair and leave it brittle and weak, especially if these items are applied too frequently.

If you brush too firmly or try to remove tangles, the hair that has clumped together can break off or split. 

Often the best option may be to trim them off and start fresh. Doing so will prevent them from spreading up the hair shaft.

To avoid split ends, be gentle on your hair. Use less heat, less chemicals and less combing. Keep your hair well moisturized. 

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