All of our products including our shampoos are sulfate free.

Shampoos that contain Sulfates can strip hair color. Sodium Laureth Sulfate is the primary cleansing agent used in most shampoos. This harsh cleanser aggressively scrubs your hair causing damage and removes color. Sodium laureth sulfate can be an irritant, and several health concerns have sprouted around it.

Color-safe shampoos are free of the sulfates found in most other shampoos. A sulfate is essentially a detergent added to shampoos and other cleansers to help them lather and clean better. Unfortunately, sulfates clean so well that they can quickly lift the color from freshly dyed hair.

All of our are sulfate-free, so they ensure maximum color retention. Our shampoos are made with gentle cleansers that deliver softness, body and shine to color treated hair without damaging the hair or threatening color.

All of our products including the vinegar rinses are safe for color treated hair.