Psoriasis is a common skin disease that affects the life cycle of skin cells. Psoriasis causes cells to build up rapidly on the surface of the skin, forming thick silvery scales and itchy, dry, red patches that are sometimes painful.

Psoriasis is a persistent, long-lasting disease. You may have periods when your psoriasis symptoms improve or go into remission alternating with times your psoriasis worsens.

We make some of the most wonderful psoriasis products that have helped many of our customers.

Our most popular products are the Soften Skin Soap / Psoriasis Soap and Soften Cream / Psoriasis Cream.

Please also look at the Soften Scalp Vinegar Rinse Cleanser / Psoriasis Scalp Vinegar Rinse Cleanser, Soften Scalp Anti-Bacterial Formula / Psoriasis Scalp Fungal Treatment and the Soften Body Serum / Psoriasis Body Serum.

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These will cleanse and moisturize your scalp and in the process can improve the health of your scalp to stop or lessen the itching.

One home remedy involves Aloe vera. Taken from the leaves of the aloe vera plant, aloe extract or gel may reduce redness, scaling, itching and inflammation.