Panthenol is a form of Vitamin B5 that is derived from plants. Panthenol is natural, non-toxic and safe to handle.  It's non-irritating to the eyes. It's free of any skin irritation and photosensitization. This is a natural, hydrating skin and hair vitamin.

It causes the hair to appear shiny because of its ability to ""seal the surface of the hair. Its moisturizing abilities make it useful in hair conditioning, resulting in softer hair that's easy to comb.

Its deep moisturizing ability also makes it useful in hydrating products that promise to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

It contains antimicrobial properties that are crucial to controlling the growth and spread of bacteria.

Vitamin B5 is found in all living cells of plants and animals.  It's an essential nutrient for normal growth. It's found in nearly every such egg yolks, nuts, fish, whole bran cereals, oatmeal, and fresh vegetables.