Our products have a mixed record with helping hair loss related to lupus. 

The vinegar rinse seems to work the best for this.

Here is a link to it-


According to Daniel J Wallace, M.D. in The Lupus Book, ""there are many reasons why lupus may lead to hair loss. First of all, active disease is associated with the plugging of hair follicles, which results in clumps of hair simply falling out after being combed or washed (called ""lupus hair""). Patients with discoid lupus can experience mild, generalized hair loss, bald spots (alopecia areata), or even total baldness -� in the temples and on top of the head. Also, infections, chemotherapy, emotional stress, and hormonal imbalances are associated with hair loss. All told, about 30 percent of patients with SLE and DLE report significant hair loss.""

""The treatment of alopecia depends on its cause. For example, discoid lesions respond to local scalp injections with steroid preparations. If these areas form thick scars, hair may not regrow. Tapering off steroid use eliminates the ""balding"" pattern. Antimalarial and corticosteroids promote hair growth. Minoxidil (Rogaine) solution is a blood pressure preparation that promotes hair growth in balding men. It promotes hair growth in male and female lupus patients but does not decrease hair loss.""

Dr Victoria Werth during her LFA web chat stated that ""Usually when the lupus comes under control, the hair will regrow if the problem is diffuse thinning from either the lupus or medications (and not scarring). Usually people do not lose all their hair, and the problem is one of thinning but not complete hair loss."".