Greasy hair can be due to a build-up of the natural secretion oil called sebum from glands in the scalp. The sebum or oil passes into the hair follicle and spreads upwards and over the hair shaft. It is not absorbed into the hair shaft.

Not shampooing often enough may result in a build-up of oil, dirt and bacteria on the hair.

It is not possible to stop the glands from producing oil.

The answer to how to stop, prevent, avoid, get rid of and even pe cure greasy hair is to wash it as often as necessary to keep it clean and in good condition. Too-frequent washing can encourage the production of oil too. So you must learn to balance your washes as needed.

Also, applying too much of a conditioner can lead to having oily or greasy looking hair.

If after using one or more of our products and your hair is too greasy or oily. 

We suggest using just a small amount of the product the next time. 

Then gradually increase the amount you use until you reach your desired look and feel.

If your hair is always greasy please look at the shampoo to remove build up or the vinegar rinse. 

Here is a link to them-