Curly hair tends to be dry and is particularly susceptible to humidity. It simply wants to soak up the moisture in the air, which causes the hair's cuticles to expand, which therefore causes frizz.

With the exception of really thin fine hair, you should deep condition after every shampoo. A deep conditioner protects the hair's shaft, coating it so it is less able to soak up the humidity in the air. Allow the conditioner to stay on for a few minutes before rinsing.

Rubbing your hair dry with towel only roughs up the cuticle and makes it frizzier once it dries. Instead, squeeze hair dry with the towel.

Next use a natural comb to brush in a leave-in conditioner or even better if you are going to use a hair dryer, a curling iron or a flatiron, comb in a natural serum. Serums ensure the cuticle stays smooth and offers protection from humidity.

To blow dry hair correctly, hold the blow dryer under hair, squeezing curls in your palm as you dry. If you don't use a diffuser, aim the blow dryer nozzle downward, in the direction hair grows.

Our Anti-Humidity Pomade may be used as a leave-in moisturizer. 

The frizz hair lotion is very light but helps to penetrate each strand to add strength while preventing frizz.

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