Make sure the temperature is right for your hair. This is really important.

Heat damage can cause your hair to lose its ability to curl and will remain permanently straight, and damaged. This happens when you use heat that's too high. One incident with a too-hot curling iron, flat iron or hot comb and this could happen.

Fine, damaged or even chemically treated hair should only be ironed at a low setting, below 300 degrees.

Normal hair can be ironed at 300-380. Curly hair that is thick needs high heat for effective straightening. Look for an ionic ceramic flat iron that can heat up to 450 degrees F.

If your hair is also long, look for an iron with wide 2-inch or 2-1/2-inch plates. Use a heat protection spray before straightening for best results.

Be careful of going over the same section of hair too many times when using our flat irons. This actually causes more damage to your tresses than straightening at a too high temperature. Section your hair into smaller areas if need be, so you don�t have to pass over each piece more than twice.

We have a Heat Protecting Hair Treatment that will protect your hair with a flat iron and help with the frizz too.

Here is a link to our heat protecting treatment; it can be used on all hair types-