These are some of the causes of dull hair.

Heat, cold, and humidity all play an important role in the overall look of your hair. Pool chlorine can also adversely affect the hair.

The proper diet and nutrients play an important role in the health of your hair. If your hair is becoming dry, brittle and damaged it could be a sign of something more serious. Omega 3 fatty acids are especially important in the overall health and appearance of our hair.

Over washing your hair can eliminate the moisture it needs to stay healthy. Add to this the use of hair dryers, blowers, curling irons, and it is a recipe for dull hair.

Hair products leave residue that stays on your hair until you take the proper time to wash and properly rinse your hair. Without proper rinsing your hair will become lifeless and dull.

Dull hair may have build up on it which would cause hair that to be dry, boring color, dull and lifeless.

We have a vinegar rinse that would help with this. The vinegar rinse can help remove build up to revitalize your hair and scalp. All of our products are color safe.

We also have a shampoo to help remove build up from dull hair.

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