Dry hair has too little oil in it, so anything that strips oil from your hair can cause it to become dry. Overusing your blow dryer or other styling tools, excessive washing or use of alcohol-containing products on your hair, or overexposing your hair to sun can all cause it to become dry. Certain medical conditions, such as hypothyroidism, can also cause hair dryness, as can a poor diet.

We have a great leave in moisturizer that can help with the dryness and breakage that will help restore your hair. 

Our oil treatment for dry hair that would penetrate deeply into your hair to help.

After you use the conditioner and while your hair is towel dry damp apply a small amount into your hands then massage into your hair. This usually provides great detangling and moisturizing for hair.

A multi-vitamin will improve the quality and health of your hair but will take a few months before you can notice any improvement.

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