Cradle cap is a skin inflammation that is a very common occurrence in many babies. It appears on the scalp of the baby and can appear to be either dry, flaky skin, resembling dandruff or thick, oily, yellow, crusting patches. 

At times, it can appear brown and scaly too. It can make an appearance a few months after a baby is born and generally clears up in six to twelve months, on its own. It is mostly harmless as it is not contagious. Contrary to what many people believe, a cradle cap is not the result of allergies or poor hygiene.

In case the cradle cap is dry and flaky; an oil remedy would also be helpful. A small amount of pure and natural oil, such as olive oil or almond oil can be rubbed onto the baby's scalp. It is very important to wash the baby's scalp, using a mild natural shampoo.

Make sure that you do not wash the baby's hair more than once in two days, as over-washing can dry the cradle cap, aggravating it further.

If the cradle cap becomes severe and you notice extreme thickening or redness, which show signs of causing irritation, you need to consult a pediatrician or other health care provider.